How To Handle Every sleep apnea dentist Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

Sleep Apnea Dentist

The hospital sleep clinic study which is called a polysomnogram or PSG so a patient either has to have a PhD or a home sleep study prior to the fabrication of an oral appliance period the treatment is oral appliances CPAP with many of you know is that hose over the nose where they put a hose over your nose and blow air up your nose all night under pressure and down into the lungs or surgery now all my patients that.

I talked to would rather have oral appliances than either of the other two options obviously in a course you have to learn details of those other two options because you need to be able to talk to physicians an ear nose and throat specialist intelligently now that’s a hospital sleep study now.

That’s psg they hook you up to electrodes all over your face all over your neck all of your legs everywhere and not actually that patients wearing a CPAP device so we actually they don’t startjob with a CPAP device but you can you can see where that’s not the most comfortable way to take a sleep and.

They’re in a different bed and you’re on your back and it’s unbelievable I mean you if you’re going to get into this seriously I recommend all of you go fora sleep study in a hospital sleep clinic or private sleep game just to experience what those paisas go through and also it may be diagnosed and see if you have sleep apnea so there’s the home sleep study which is much more comfortable for the patient and.

That must be read by sleep specialist as I as I mentioned now there’s a patient wearing a normal appliance I mean that’s pretty small and pretty comfortable and looks pretty happy and they just gently move the lower jaw forward open up the airway Mean it’s very very nice so that’s a song that applies.

That’s one of the most popular ones in the world and its relatively small and comfortable we like to leave the front card open so they can breathe through their mouths if they get cold and it’s adjusted at the side the new one that I like.

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