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How to Outsmart Your Peers on Ssae 16 Compliance ?

I’m going to take one second and make sure everybody understands who Equinox is not a big sales pitch here but but it’s very important to understand who Equinox is so there’s some credibility around you know why we feel that we’re able to talk at this level so we sit in a very privileged position based on the fact that the company was formed in to provide.

ssae 16 compliance

The what in essence turned out to be may East and may West in the United States so the peering infrastructure in in the u.s. to move it from carrier based services into carrier neutral environments and so you know years ago we started down this process that that was focused on you know networking and this was the beginning of the public Internets the peering infrastructure.

That was out there and so that was the first phase of the overall migration or the transitions that we started to see this is where you had the ssae 16 compliance tier one network providers coming together and starting to do peering among st themselves in the creation of the internet the second phase was around content delivery providers coming to market and then being able to start offering.

ssae 16 compliance

Their services so the distribution of capabilities of applications and this you know this electronic environment that people could use to actually transact this spawned the third level of evolution which was the ecosystem development and this was really focused around what we saw is the connection of you know whole business units or verticals out in the marketplace and a primary transaction point that we saw starting to happen here was about the financial institutions.

We started to see very key ecosystems beginning to develop in New York Chicago Hong Kong Tokyo and in London around the financial trading environments and so this whole progression started to really develop about five years ago we saw another ecosystem or another networking development starting to to transpire around clouds and so since then we’ve seen a rapid compression of the next evolution and this is this highly interconnected enterprise or the Internet of Things that’s out there communicating with each other all the time and so as you start to think about these progressions this is over the last you know years we continue to see the developments from a timeline compress.