The Varia Radar Tail Light


Varia has been the world,s first light cycle helmet with a built in motorized bike computer. The innovative, sleek look of Varia helmets will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Read on to learn more about what is Varia, how it became such a success, and why it is still the number one helmet brand in the industry today.

Varia was the world,s first full head-mounted bike computer, integrating the best aspects of both light and helmet. Bike radar functions by utilizing the same radar technology already found in most car headlights. This enables the riders of all levels of experience to get an accurate reading of their speed and other readings. Speed, distance, heart rate, and even the power of the motor are monitored automatically for your safety and comfort. The greatest feature of Varia, however, is its remarkable safety and comfort.

This is apparent in the fact that over 90% of the cycling radar tail lights sold in the U.S. have been tested and approved by the Department of Transportation,s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It uses an infrared sensor to detect when there is a vehicle in the same cycle as the rider and activates the tail lights to alert cyclists of danger. Varia can be used either with a helmet or without a helmet. However, using a helmet will give you greater accuracy with regards to distances covered and speeds traveled. Most modern radar systems utilize the same technologies used in radar guns on airplanes. The difference in these systems is that the signals from the onboard computer are received by the head unit and then transmitted to the cyclist.

The best feature of Varia could be its rearview radar feature. Many other GPS cycling awareness and safety devices simply don,t have anything on them that offers an advanced and effective review radar function. In fact, if you look at many of the better rearview units out on the market today, you,ll find that only a few of them include this innovative feature. Most other systems just rely on the bicyclist,s eyes to see where they,re going. Varia has found a way to be able to incorporate this into its system, so now when cyclists approach an intersection, they,ll receive an early warning of impending danger.

It is clear to see that Varia has the technological solution for every motorcycle rider out there. The company has taken all of the elements that make an effective tail light unit into account when designing this product, ensuring that every rider can enjoy the benefits of having this unit installed on their bike. Not only does the Varia rearview radar unit allow you to get to your destination quickly and safely, but it also has a handy warning mechanism to let you know just how close you are approaching traffic. If you haven,t taken the time to learn more about the area head unit, it really is time to do so before you are facing a major traffic incident!